Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I just love setting up craft swaps  its so nice to send people your special makes for them along with gifts and a card , when i set up  crafts swaps i ask for only token gifts to be bought because of posting and also of cost there are some lovely places to buy great gifts from all over the uk  and each person taking part thinks carefully and sends beautiful items for the swaps , this one is called afewofmyfavouritethingscraftswap  and how it worked was i paired people up with totally different interest so that they could all  send each other  things  they liked for example i asked for a list of themed items that my partner said was her favourite things from animals to colours to hobbies and you was to make them an item from the list , my partners was russian dolls , so i painted russian dolls onto a medium jute bag  , i also decoupatched   a heart trinket box with russian doll paper and filled with buttons as russian dolls was one of my partner christinas  favourite things she also had a thing for houses and owls so i bought a yellow  house shape candle holder and popped in a tea light and a owl purse  and i even put a 50p inside the purse for good fortune  in return  i got some lovely things as my favourite things are campervans cupcake art and i love hedgehogs and penquins i was blown away with my gifts  christina had made me a campervan shopper bag  it was soo big and very well made she also made me a  a cute cupcake fabric basket that keeps my washing up liquid and spondge in on the windowsill in my kitchen  there was a cupcake matching zip case , and she bought me a plant pot hedgehog orniment that sits in my money plant , some cool campervan stickers that im using in my filofax and a lovely campervan writing journal i love it ! and a cute penquin post card what  a great swap i got , all the other ladies in the group had also some very pretty  makes and fave gifts this was a great swap for them xx

i asked the group to wrap the gifts in brown paper tide up with string as in the song :)