Monday, 4 March 2013

Make and Craft #gingerbreadcraftswap

Hello today im sharing my lovely  craft swap  that i received from  Sam  a lovely lady who in fact does not  live that far away from me   xx
 So the  swap theme was gingerbread man  and i signed up without thinking about what i might make  , then realized oh no what do i know about  cooking ginger breads i burn things so i don't do baking the hubby  does cooking  cakes and things with the  children as  i am totally  rubbish at measurements  ,and timings  , so what  do you make  for a craft swap that involves the theme ginger bread ? .

And so i set too on the internet  trying to inspire myself and get crafting ideas , then i came across a blog ,that i follow on twitter  and the  lovely lady has a felt gingerbread  ,as her  avatar  profile picture  and that  gave me an idea to make a felt gingerbread man wearing a gingerbread  tie  made from  cute  ribbon i bought at  Christmas  , so i made   him and he looked a bit like a  man made of gingerbread  , then  for a while i got  crafters block  , this is when your stuck for ideas because you've done too many crafts  quickly ,  and so it wasn't till i was having a crafting day with my girls that i came across my daughters book she won from Make and Craft magazine for making a felt flubble  ,  inside  it had felt pin cushions made like little buns and tarts and pies so i got the idea to make a gingerbread iced  bun and set to they are very quick to make and so easy to follow the instruction as the book is designed to teach children all different sewing techniques , so me being a big kid  found it a very good  book ,  the next idea  i got  from instagram lots of the lovely people i follow are making these crochet hearts from the  blog attic 24  and so  ive been learning and made a few myself , i was given some orange yarn by my cousin  and thought its rather gingerbread i colour i know i shall crochet a  heart as they are pretty and attach a little felt gingerbread man instead of a  flower  ,  i think it worked out well , and so i had my  craft  swap made  , the next part was the gift  what should i send   well i was stuck but  eventually thought if i buy something that can be used in the kitchen again and again  its a  better  gift than something you  can only use once and so i   bought a pot  holder  , in fact i bought one for me too lol  ,  and  as i always like to add a little note  with the swap i  made a gingerbread card   , what was very funny  was   , i couldn't find any  pens or pencils  to decorate the  the  card from my designs by sazy b crafting draw and so i  got my eldest daughters pencil case  out of her school bag and  used the pens and pencils that was inside  , as she said you can use them mum but please put them back when you've finished  what made me laugh they are my pens missing from my draws  but  i guess she  uses them more than me  i can buy some more  xx , and so  my swap was finished  it has taken me along time to finish as you  have other things  to do along the way   , in the end  i think it was   a nice swap  , i loved my  gingerbread  mould and bun cases and the lovely  heart  i got  from Sam  , its really  nice to do these swaps the next one is  ladybirds  im already thinking infront and awaiting my partner   .

And heres what sam sent  me   :)