Monday, 7 November 2016

Sazybcraftswaps club

I am setting up a club that's gonna be on a monthly basis for crafters to join in craft swaps,  you also get a birthday gift and in this club once you register for the fee of £5 for the year that secures your place in the club as a member  , there will be events  where you can join crafting days where you can meet fellow crafters tea coffee and chit chat in local city's to be arranged , reason for a fee is because it will deter Anyone from not completing their swaps , it's very disappointing if your swap never arrives and i have sent a swap in place for anyone who never received theirs in the past as host of swaps ,  so I've paid extra to send someone a box of gifts because theirs never arrived  out of my own pocket , the fee covers that , it also covers birthdays , events and other offers within the club , sazybcraftswaps have been very popular in the past and I thought by putting more effort into it as a club we can accommodate crafters of all levels beginners experienced and those that are coming back to crafting , there is no rule to what craft you must do to join as you are paired up with different crafters but on the same level of experience .
If there is anything you wish to discuss email my at  thanks for reading and happy crafting

Sazy b xx

Monday, 15 June 2015


It has been quite some time since I last blogged about my journey, the road has taken a nasty turn and knocked me sideways. I am currently dealing with separation from my husband of 14 years and he has decided to go his separate ways and leave me and my daughters. To say I am ok I would be lying, I am far from ok and my daughters are devastated. This left me in quite a dark place and I have had to go to the job centre as since having my daughters and being married my husband didn't want people to look after my daughters except myself so I was a stay at home mum for 12 years. The  job centre was a scary place in my home town so I was able to move to the nearest town a place where my parents go shopping as I don't drive and it would be easier for me to attend appointments on the day my parents went. The assistant was ever so helpful she was understanding to my situation. I started applying for jobs locally like school dinners but I was unsuccessful. Then she went through my cv and I sold my self as unable to do anything, but out of the cv she said you have a multitude of skills going to waste here Sarah, I can see you have an artistic flair and you have customer service experience, jewellery security, repairs, fully qualified hairdresser and you design hair flowers as a hobby. Have you thought  because you don't drive and you need to be local for your daughters how about the NEA new employment allowance, which is you set up as self employed we help you with a  business mentor and you will get a small weekly payment to help you out. You are able to start earning straight away, what about using your hairdressing skills. I can see you have cosmetic make up and manicure city and guilds too and it says you have worked before doing wedding hair and make up would you consider this as a career. You would choose your hours to weekends to work around the children make the hair flowers and do the hair and make up, this idea seemed ok I  decided to look further into a pop up salon and as I was weighing up the pros and cons I said I think I would need something else to make up the money through the week I would rather go down the road of designing the wedding hair flowers as I also paint jute bags so I can have seasonal products to work on. I set up Fascinating flair to sell my designs all year round as most of the products I make are seasonal inspired like, Christmas jute bags, Christmas sacks and PE bags. Then came valentines,  mothers day and Easter so I was busy creating and selling my art. At Christmas time I was told my drawing were good why not try a digital tablet join adobe and illustrate. My husband though he had left decided he would buy me the tablet to draw with and that's how I started to illustrate and put it onto products, on paper it looks like I have my fingers in too many pots and I've got too much going on when really I am just skimming on  the top of the water trying to find the right product to sell. So for now I am designing beautiful hair flowers for weddings, drawing and putting my art onto products. At the bottom are some products I have designed through out the year of 2015 so far. If you want to take a look at more of my products you can find me on Facebook and twitter at  fascinating flair. I have merchandise stores associated with my profile is Designsbysazyb and also on

Monday, 25 November 2013

Vintage home swap

I decided to set up another craft swap among the crafting community on instagram called Vintage home swap people with different Crafts was paired up with a partner and made and bought  things for their partner with a vintage home theme we had lots of fun shared our makes on the #vintagehomeswap on instagram   here are the  photos of everyones swaps who joined the group. Im hoping to host more swaps this one is my third one ive hosted tho i have taken part in many more hosted by others  and made new friends across the world it really is nice to take part maybe you want to have ago come join us on instagram im @Sazybsarah. :).  thank you for reading xx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Craft swap pretty flowers all in a row , the whole groups pictures xx

Prettyflowersallinarow craft swap

A year ago i was awarded an ipod for great sales , i am an avon rep , and a designer , the ipod  was engraved with avon believe on the back it arrived 4 days before christmas in the post i was looking at this parcel thinking i havent bought anything what could this be , my children always stand at the side of me shouting open it mum i want to see , when i did open the package my children was jumping up and down  , mums got an ipod omg that is awesome , it eventually.sunk in it was mine and like my children i was jumping for joy  so funny and exciting , well i joined twitter  and started to make friends with crafting  people we would share our designs , they was tweeting about a craft swap hearts i asked what it was and they said you should take part , yoy email the craft magazine your name address and twitter name tell them your likes your dislikes  and your craft depending on what the theme is your paired up with a swap partner and you make them a gift  out of your craft and include a bought gift , so i did this , i have done  6 in total , i then was introduced to instagram by my now twitter crafting family , everyone was sharing pictures and i was interested to download the app and have ago , afew of the twitter family  joined me and i was hooked on it , by then the ipod was now in the hands of my daughter and i had a new phone to use , on instagram i was seeing people i followed sharing pictures of craft and gift swaps i eventually  joined and have taken part in three with the lovely jackie @hunnypoyhouse  she organises circle swaps you are paired up with a partner but recieve your swap from another partner hence the circle  , i also did a birthday swap with my twitter friend nicola we sent each other birthday themed gifts , i love doing swaps so much and sending craft gifts that i decided to set my own up  they are sazybcraftswaps , the first one  was pretty flowers all in a row , there was 12 including me who signed up  and i paired people up with different craft talents to make it more fun , what i asked was out of the craft that they specialised  in  they make somthing to do with flowers , then buy two token gifts in flower themes and make a greeting card , it was lovely to see the different things people made xx i was paired up with karen shes a proffessional quilter made me a beautiful cushion and sent with it a pretty cup.and saucer with flower detail and a heart floral hook , and i hand painted a large jute bag and a little picture , bought a floral mug and flower candle , it was a great swap  thank you all who took part .

Saturday, 6 April 2013

easter swaps

  Hello hope you all had a great Easter , its the end of our first week off  and what a busy week its been

 I'm here to blog about my  Easter Swaps  I took part in  on instagram  , they was set up by the lovely Jackie  @ hunnypothouse
#springmakesmesingcirlceswap   this is how it worked   because the swap is a circle you send a gift to a different  person and you receive a gift from someone else  I was  paired up with the lovely Vicky  , who I already knew from twitter so it was a pleasure to send her  the gifts , the rules are you can make or buy up to 7 items  along the theme spring  and you  don't let that person know they are to receive gifts from you its like secret Santa   , they send  spring gifts to another person and so on and we all open on the reveal day , my swap came from the lovely Emma   and  her gifts to me was  lovely  but I was naughty and opened before the reveal date oops ! , so here's what  I sent  to Vicky
 some  of the  gifts can be  hand made  so I sent  Vicky a designs by sazy b  beach  bag  , and made a crochet  bunny    .
Here's what  I got from Emma 
 cute  card

 the  candle smells lovely  and the children ate the  biscuits I also  got  a fabric heart .
The next swap was #somebunnylovesyoucircleswap
its run exactly the same way as the spring one  and I was paired up to send my gifts to Marci  so  I  made  a card and a cross stich and filled it  with a draw string bag full of  draw freshner I had bought from the range then stitched it  inside a felt bag  it smelt lovely
here's what  I sent 

  so my  swap partner  was the  lovely Emily
and she made me a cute soft fabric bunny  and sent me  a bunny mug and lots of nice Easter crafting things a
 chocolate bunny tho I didn't get a look in with the chocolate bunny my  daughter ate it   here's what I got  .

 I've met some nice friends joining in with these to swaps and my  ig followers has increased by  joining the swap   so id like to thank Jackie for all her hard work picking the  partners  xx .

Monday, 4 March 2013

Make and Craft #gingerbreadcraftswap

Hello today im sharing my lovely  craft swap  that i received from  Sam  a lovely lady who in fact does not  live that far away from me   xx
 So the  swap theme was gingerbread man  and i signed up without thinking about what i might make  , then realized oh no what do i know about  cooking ginger breads i burn things so i don't do baking the hubby  does cooking  cakes and things with the  children as  i am totally  rubbish at measurements  ,and timings  , so what  do you make  for a craft swap that involves the theme ginger bread ? .

And so i set too on the internet  trying to inspire myself and get crafting ideas , then i came across a blog ,that i follow on twitter  and the  lovely lady has a felt gingerbread  ,as her  avatar  profile picture  and that  gave me an idea to make a felt gingerbread man wearing a gingerbread  tie  made from  cute  ribbon i bought at  Christmas  , so i made   him and he looked a bit like a  man made of gingerbread  , then  for a while i got  crafters block  , this is when your stuck for ideas because you've done too many crafts  quickly ,  and so it wasn't till i was having a crafting day with my girls that i came across my daughters book she won from Make and Craft magazine for making a felt flubble  ,  inside  it had felt pin cushions made like little buns and tarts and pies so i got the idea to make a gingerbread iced  bun and set to they are very quick to make and so easy to follow the instruction as the book is designed to teach children all different sewing techniques , so me being a big kid  found it a very good  book ,  the next idea  i got  from instagram lots of the lovely people i follow are making these crochet hearts from the  blog attic 24  and so  ive been learning and made a few myself , i was given some orange yarn by my cousin  and thought its rather gingerbread i colour i know i shall crochet a  heart as they are pretty and attach a little felt gingerbread man instead of a  flower  ,  i think it worked out well , and so i had my  craft  swap made  , the next part was the gift  what should i send   well i was stuck but  eventually thought if i buy something that can be used in the kitchen again and again  its a  better  gift than something you  can only use once and so i   bought a pot  holder  , in fact i bought one for me too lol  ,  and  as i always like to add a little note  with the swap i  made a gingerbread card   , what was very funny  was   , i couldn't find any  pens or pencils  to decorate the  the  card from my designs by sazy b crafting draw and so i  got my eldest daughters pencil case  out of her school bag and  used the pens and pencils that was inside  , as she said you can use them mum but please put them back when you've finished  what made me laugh they are my pens missing from my draws  but  i guess she  uses them more than me  i can buy some more  xx , and so  my swap was finished  it has taken me along time to finish as you  have other things  to do along the way   , in the end  i think it was   a nice swap  , i loved my  gingerbread  mould and bun cases and the lovely  heart  i got  from Sam  , its really  nice to do these swaps the next one is  ladybirds  im already thinking infront and awaiting my partner   .

And heres what sam sent  me   :)