Monday, 7 November 2016

Sazybcraftswaps club

I am setting up a club that's gonna be on a monthly basis for crafters to join in craft swaps,  you also get a birthday gift and in this club once you register for the fee of £5 for the year that secures your place in the club as a member  , there will be events  where you can join crafting days where you can meet fellow crafters tea coffee and chit chat in local city's to be arranged , reason for a fee is because it will deter Anyone from not completing their swaps , it's very disappointing if your swap never arrives and i have sent a swap in place for anyone who never received theirs in the past as host of swaps ,  so I've paid extra to send someone a box of gifts because theirs never arrived  out of my own pocket , the fee covers that , it also covers birthdays , events and other offers within the club , sazybcraftswaps have been very popular in the past and I thought by putting more effort into it as a club we can accommodate crafters of all levels beginners experienced and those that are coming back to crafting , there is no rule to what craft you must do to join as you are paired up with different crafters but on the same level of experience .
If there is anything you wish to discuss email my at  thanks for reading and happy crafting

Sazy b xx

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