Thursday, 23 May 2013

Prettyflowersallinarow craft swap

A year ago i was awarded an ipod for great sales , i am an avon rep , and a designer , the ipod  was engraved with avon believe on the back it arrived 4 days before christmas in the post i was looking at this parcel thinking i havent bought anything what could this be , my children always stand at the side of me shouting open it mum i want to see , when i did open the package my children was jumping up and down  , mums got an ipod omg that is awesome , it eventually.sunk in it was mine and like my children i was jumping for joy  so funny and exciting , well i joined twitter  and started to make friends with crafting  people we would share our designs , they was tweeting about a craft swap hearts i asked what it was and they said you should take part , yoy email the craft magazine your name address and twitter name tell them your likes your dislikes  and your craft depending on what the theme is your paired up with a swap partner and you make them a gift  out of your craft and include a bought gift , so i did this , i have done  6 in total , i then was introduced to instagram by my now twitter crafting family , everyone was sharing pictures and i was interested to download the app and have ago , afew of the twitter family  joined me and i was hooked on it , by then the ipod was now in the hands of my daughter and i had a new phone to use , on instagram i was seeing people i followed sharing pictures of craft and gift swaps i eventually  joined and have taken part in three with the lovely jackie @hunnypoyhouse  she organises circle swaps you are paired up with a partner but recieve your swap from another partner hence the circle  , i also did a birthday swap with my twitter friend nicola we sent each other birthday themed gifts , i love doing swaps so much and sending craft gifts that i decided to set my own up  they are sazybcraftswaps , the first one  was pretty flowers all in a row , there was 12 including me who signed up  and i paired people up with different craft talents to make it more fun , what i asked was out of the craft that they specialised  in  they make somthing to do with flowers , then buy two token gifts in flower themes and make a greeting card , it was lovely to see the different things people made xx i was paired up with karen shes a proffessional quilter made me a beautiful cushion and sent with it a pretty cup.and saucer with flower detail and a heart floral hook , and i hand painted a large jute bag and a little picture , bought a floral mug and flower candle , it was a great swap  thank you all who took part .

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